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MASSAGE Magazine

MASSAGE Magazine

AMTA's Approach to the Affordable Care Act
08/07/2013 12:00 AM
Evanston, IL. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) understands there has been much discussion and debate about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the potential role for massage therapists that it might provide within health insurance based, third-party reimbursement. Similar debates are taking place among other health care professionals as the ACA presents many challenges for everyone involved in health care, from professionals to consumers. While the law was enacted more than 3 years ago, it continues to be debated, analyzed and scrutinized. Meanwhile, the law has evolved and implementation will continue to evolve, especially as states determine their approaches to it.

BestMassage Partakes in Ohio Council of Massage Therapy Schools Teachers' and Administrators' Conference
08/07/2013 12:00 AM
BestMassage, an international massage table and supplies warehouse, will be participating in this year's Ohio Council of Massage Therapy Schools (OCMTS) Teachers' and Administrators' Conference.

LaVida Experience

At LaVida Massage, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you enter our center. If you have never had a massage at LaVida you might not know what to expect. A typical first visit to LaVida will go as follows:

  1. You'll arrive about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time and fill out an intake form with the receptionist.

  2. Your Massage Therapist (MT) will greet you and walk you back to your private room.

  3. Your MT will discuss any issues on your intake form, explain your desired type of massage, and discuss the outcome of your treatment.

  4. Your MT will leave the room and you'll privately undress to your level of comfort.

  5. The MT will knock before re-entering your room.

  6. Our therapists are trained in and employ draping techniques during your session. This means the parts of your body not being worked on will not be exposed.

  7. The level of pressure will be discussed before and during your massage session. Please don't hesitate to communicate with your MT if you need more or less pressure or would prefer they work on a different area. It's your massage so feel free to customize it!

  8. The hands on portion of your session will last 50 minutes. After your massage is done the therapist will leave the room again and allow you to dress.

  9. The MT will wait for you outside the door with a glass of water for you, ready to discuss future massage needs.

  10. Your MT will walk you back to the front desk where you can book your next appointment and pay for your session if you have not already done so.

Too heavy or Too light?

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to receiving massage. Some customers prefer an extremely deep massage which may be a little uncomfortable during the session, but thoroughly releives the tension in their body. Others prefer very little pressure, instead using the time in their session to relax and escape. At LaVida we train our therapists to regularly check with you during your massage to make sure it is to your liking. If your massage is not going exactly how you like it please use the levels listed below as a guide to tell your therapist what you need:

  • Level 1: Light and relaxing massage
  • Level 2: Medium pressure throughout your whole body
  • Level 3: Medium to deep pressure massage including some knotted trigger points
  • Level 4: Deep massage including many knotted trigger points

Home and Post Care

After your massage is complete, you should feel relaxed and relieved. Sometimes, with deep tissue massage, it is common to feel slightly sore or achy. This is very normal and should subside within 24 hours. Remember to drink a lot of water as toxins are released from your muscles. Staying hydrated will help you feel rejuvenated.

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